Da dove viene Nixy?

The nicotine pods comes from Sweden but it has come along way since the it began. In the 16th century Swedes began experimenting with tobacco that would go under the lip without having to chew it. Early 1800s the popularity of "snus" began to rise and has been rising ever since.                                         

Then the monopoly was introduced because the Swedish millitary needed funds as World War 1 began. As the war progressed the popularity of cigarettes grew and snus companies hit a wall. 

After the world regained balance in the late 1960s the snus started to grow again in popularity and has been evolving ever since. To this day snus with tobacco in only legal in Sweden but the snus has evolved and grown around the world under a new name, Nicotine pods. 

Nicotine Pods are a groundbreaking invention of the Swedes. For the Swedes to share their neet bags they had to find a soulution and they found it! Without any tobacco nicotine pods only contain nicotine and is here to help you to stop using tobacco.

Luckily for you NIXYPOD proudly are the first and only nicotine pod company here in Italia and we are only beginning.

Fun fact: The first snus that was made was in 1695!