Who we are

We are NIXYPOD, a revolutionary company that sells nicotine bags. We believe in great business and excellent service, which is why we pride ourselves on giving you the best of both. Nicotine bags are a growing trend around the world, and an excellent way to quit tobacco use. The brilliant feature of Nixypod is that it is completely tobacco-free!

Nixy can be used on any occasion, whether you are driving, working or just relaxing at home, because Nixy is odorless and very discreet. Just put it under the lip. If you were looking for something new, you are in the right place. We are committed to being hardworking and innovative, giving our customers what they want, putting their wishes at the top of our priority list.

NixyPod is owned by Gorkúla ehf. (4609100130)

Contact number:+39 348 314 5897